On February 25, the Orange County School Board decided to retire the Jackson name from Stonewall Jackson Middle School.

We surveyed the community around the school, and fifty-five percent were in favor of renaming the middle school after Roberto Clemente.

Roberto Clemente was a Puerto Rican MLB player who not only broke dozens of records, but was a champion for the Latino community. He dedicated significant philanthropic efforts to children in Puerto Rico, across the USA and Latin America. He also served the country in the USMC reserves, always helping people in need. On New Year’s eve, Clemente made the ultimate sacrifice, losing his life on a risky relief mission to Nicaragua after a terrible earthquake in Managua in 1972.

The School Advisory Council (SAC) will depend on community input when recommending a new name to the school board. Clemente’s story and legacy serves as an inspiration to young adults and would be the perfect name for the school. Add your name to let the SAC know you support renaming the school to Roberto Clemente Middle School.