Alianza for Progress seeks to unite the Puerto Rican and Hispanic population in the state of Florida and develop leaders from within the community that will support progressive policies.

We run field, digital organizing, and communications campaigns in the Puerto Rican and Latinx communities putting forth our Avanzando Agenda to create a more equitable society. We seek to transform Florida by organizing our communities through voter education, civic engagement, and issue advocacy.

Our commitment to establishing genuine relationships with the Puerto Rican and Latinx community, its leaders, and its allies drives us every day to ensure that we change the current system that disproportionately benefits big corporations and the top 1%. Our grassroots efforts with the unique culture and traditions of Hispanic civic and political participation builds a long-lasting power base that fights for economic, social, and environmental justice for all.

You can choose to follow or lead. Choose to lead, even when they tell you it’s not your turn.

Melissa Mark-Viverito

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