Alianza advances the power of Puerto Ricans and Hispanics by creating winning campaigns that amplify community voices and advance progressive causes that improve the lives of Hispanics and working middle-class families in Florida. Using a variety of tactics, we provide ways for our members to take action on the issues they care about.  From online petitions to on-the-ground mobilization strategies, to calls to action, or airing radio and television ads and a number of other creative strategies, Alianza is a hub for activation and organization advancing social justice with technology, media, and culture.

Respeta mi gente

Working to address the priorities on the island and the mainland by building and leveraging the political power of Puerto Rican voters


TELL FEMA Establish a Disaster Housing Assistance Program


HURRICANE SCOTT DON’T BE FOOLED — Rick Scott is Not Your Friend

Puerto Rico Medicaid campaign

With the looming Medicaid Fiscal Cliff for Puerto Rico approaching, we embarked on a mission to get the issue out in the press and pressure Florida Senators, Marco Rubio, and Rick Scott, to support the current House bill or take up a sister bill in the Senate.

Vote "No" on SB 168

SB 168 was a bill passed during the 2019 legislative session that required all local law enforcement and Florida government entities at every level to work with Immigration and Customs Enforcement and gave the Governor the power to remove public officials and employees at will if they refuse to comply.

Aid for the panhandle

When Hurricane Michael hit the panhandle in October 2018, tens of thousands of people lost their homes and jobs. Among these were thousands of Puerto Ricans, including some people who lost their homes in Puerto Rico after Hurricane Maria and resettled in Panama City.

Affordable Housing

Florida has the worst affordable housing crisis in the nation, with hundreds of thousands of people working but unable to afford to pay rent or buy their own home because of the low wages. Florida has a solution crafted years ago: The Sadowski Housing Trust Fund.

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