“Avanzando means moving forward”

For years Floridians have struggled with the same issues without change or progress, part of this is because the political parties have not engaged the Latinx community with the authenticity needed to generate real change. We seek to engage the Puerto Rican and Latino community to become agents of change in all aspects of our lives in a holistic agenda to move government on all the issues that matter to most of our residents.

Avanzando Agenda Issues


Avanzando Opportunity

Legislation that provides economic and professional development for our community members and small businesses.

Avanzando Democracy

Legislation that expands voting rights and provides more opportunity to have our voice heard.

Avanzando Healthcare

Legislation that expands access to affordable healthcare as a right.

Avanzando Housing

Legislation that provides affordable and dignified housing for every single person in the state of Florida.

Avanzando Education

Legislation that ensures every youth and child has the opportunity to reach their full unique potential.

Avanzando Public Safety

Legislation that protects our communities from the ravages of gun violence.

Avanzando the Environment

Legislation that seriously addresses and seeks to solve the problem of climate change, move us toward a fully renewable energy future, and keep our air and water clean.

Avanzando Agenda Issues

Puerto Rico


Fully fund the just rebuilding of Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria.


Audit the Puerto Rican debt and reform the U.S. Congress-appointed Fiscal Control Board in order to create better outcomes for the people of Puerto Rico.

Self-Sufficiency and Self-Determination

Advocate, support, and aid in the transformation of Puerto Rico so that every citizen can enjoy island-wide food and energy independence. Advocate and support Puerto Rican self-determination in a clear. transparent, and binding manner.

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